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Are you trying to find a traditional pub? Pub is 'public house' abbreviated, and is the name for somewhere that is a drinking establishment for the most part. In the past it was not uncommon for a traveller to stop at an inn, and alcohol would have been available along with food here in the UK. In Shaftesbury, we have numerous great pubs. See if we have the one you are looking for. If you want to find a pub around where you live, please call Benett Arms on 01747 441845.

See About Pubs in Shaftesbury

It is interesting to note the evolution of what were once inns into what today is far more common, the pub. Whether stopping in for a quick lunch break, or getting together with friends, or if you just would like to get out for a bit, pubs are a popular destination. In fact, pubs today are on nearly every corner. These days pub food has become so common that one may ask "what kind of food is served?" and when the answer is "pub food," one would know just what is meant. No matter which pub you go to, service is essential. Our pubs have excellent service, meals that are wonderful, and for a price which may surprise you. In Shaftesbury, if you would like to visit a great pub, please consider us.

Shaftesbury: Location Of Pubs

A local pub is conveniently located, often in the very heart of a town or village. Pubs might have been at the same location for decades, if not centuries, so they are often located in extremely old buildings. They usually reflect the architecture and style of the buildings in the area. People in the UK have always indulged in drinking. Laws around the consumption of alcohol differ from country to country however. Come to one of our pubs for a great time! We are conveniently located in Shaftesbury.

Get Value for Money from Pubs in Shaftesbury

You will find the prices of drinks and food reasonable. Some pubs offer a large range of beers and ales. If possible you should try the locally-brewed beers, or the beer from the nearest brewery. The foods that can be commonly found in pubs consist of steak and ale pie, shepherd's pie, bangers and mash, fish and chips, and much more. Pub food tends to be filling, tasty and often the portions are large. In Shaftesbury, there are numerous pubs to choose from. When you are looking for a great pub please consider us.

In Shaftesbury, Excellent Service Is Essential From A Pub

Pubs provide more than drink and food; they usually offer a great atmosphere. A pub is a great place to meet up with friends, colleagues or family. We bring together the elements one expects from a pub: a friendly atmosphere, a variety of drinks to choose from, and the service one would find in a restaurant. If you would like fantastic service, wonderful food, and all for a price that you'll love, you may want to give us a try. Get in touch with Benett Arms in Shaftesbury if you want to go to a pub.

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